Heart & Soul


Heart and Soul Drum Academy is an educational non-profit organization in the Rondo Community of St Paul, Minnesota offering Djembe hand drum classes to youth ages 3-17. We use the Djembe hand drum to teach them about communication as well as musical creativity. Musical arts are no longer available in many public-school systems. Providing community Djembe classes in drum circles is a way to help youth focus on a task; listen to what others contribute to the drum circle; and work together for one purpose – a song.  Some drummers are the steady bass beat, others play the various ranges of tone, and the rhythmic makers accent the beats by slapping the drum, to bring the bass, tone and slap together for a syncopated rhythm of harmonies.

This seamless rhythm of education in our schools and arts in our communities provide boundless opportunities to create conversations, establish healthy relationships, set a dreamer/drummer on his/her path for greatness, soothe the soul and more...

Heart – Encouraging Youth

Soul – Instilling Values

Drum – Rhythms to the Beat of Life


Our Mission

Building bridges across communities connecting youth with the Art of Drumming-- cultivating personal development, discipline, leadership & teamwork with respect for self & others that transfers into the classroom, community and the world.